It's been a while, here are some updates =D

So tomorrow is the official first day of school -_- but I do have good news! For the first time in my entire back to school career, I actually love my hair lol. I remember the years when I would get a fresh touch up right before school started up again just so I would look fresh, and by the end of the week  I would HATE  how flat and lifeless my hair looked.  Not this semester, honey, I'm going back with style and I'm gonna WORK this transitioning curly head.

On Sunday, I washed my hair and while playing in my hair semi-drying, I picked up a pair of scissors and did a semi mini-chop in a back section. I chopped off about an inch or 2 of relaxed hair (all that was back there) and immediately felt freedom. I was even more excited to see that my hair was actually long enough in the back to be seen in the front during it's natural state, and when stretched, it reached the nape of my neck! My baby is growing!!!!

Another update for you guys:

My mom is actually semi-supportive. I haven't heard "get a perm" from her in a while.She actually offered to mini twist my hair which I refuse because of the relaxed ends. I KNOW  they will not cooperate, and this past weekend, she offered to weave it so it can grow which I refuse because weaves are annoying. But I do appreciate the support!

I can't wait til i'm 100% natural. The world aint ready for the gorgeosity of my curls ;)

Pictures will follow soon....stay tuned!!!


When did Chemical Burns Become the Norm?

I remember getting touch ups every month and almost every single time, it resulted in a burn and i just blew it off deeming it ordinary. But think about it, if you stay out in the sun too long and get burned, you learn to put on sun block or just not stay in the sun too long; if you spill a chemical on your skin resulting in a burn, you get treatment and learn to be more careful; if your cooking, and you burn yourself on the stove, you learn not to stand too close to the popping oil, or use better heat protection. Why is it that when women get burns in their scalp, they brush it off and continue relaxing their hair? Burns are NOT acceptable!! So why do we accept it??

The last time I had my hair relaxed, it resulted in severe burn in the the entire front right quarter of my scalp along with minor burns on other parts of my scalp. The burns were so sever that I made the decision to NEVER put that crap in my hair ever again! Yet, women who are fully aware that their scalp is sensitive to the chemicals in the relaxer continue to relax their hair and suffer these burns. Is the pain really worth the week (more or less) of "beauty" you get from a fresh touch up? Is it really worth still having sub par hair and a clearly damaged scalp. Think about it!!!

Bantu knot out part 2

My Bantu knot out and new headband from xxi <3

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i have come to realize something about relaxers....

they're just not real!!!! I mean, that's obvious, but it's becoming more apparent to me on this journey as i scope out more natural women. Today, my sister and mom went to the hair salon to get they're hair done. After, about 2 months of stretching her perm, my 12 year old sister went to get a touch up and a cut. FYI: she's been getting perms since she was 7 and when I decided to go natural, she wanted to do it too, but my mother detested it because she hates "nappy hair" and its just "not right", so my sister had to get a touch up.  When she came home, her hair looked nice, but it was obvious to me, that this style was not her. While stretching her relaxer, she wore braids, and braid outs, that fit her just beautifully, making it more apparent to me that pin straight "white girl hair" looked unfitting on her. If this is the case, why do black women continue to get relaxers? Can't they see the truth???


Kinky Twists

I am currently rocking kinky twists as we speak just to keep my hands out of my hair.  So far, It's working! I've had the twists in for a little over a week and I plan to keep them in until the end of the month. Then, i will redo the front myself. I learned how, through youtube and was even able to do my aunt's hair! So yea, I'm excited! Peep this pic!


New Additions to the Staple Product Family

Normally, this post would go under the "Product Reviews" tab, but these products are special....special enough to be featured as its very own post. "What are these products?" you ask, why! conditioners of course!!! I finally found the most perfect conditioner that leaves my hair feeling fabulous and doesn't cost an unreasonable amount of money.This conditioner is the Suave Humectant Conditioner. It is amazing. The thick consistency penetrates my defiant curls and softens them instantly making me swoon under its power (that sounds like a romance novel lol)  I truly love this product, I've NEVER, in all my years of washing and conditioning, felt my hair this soft days after my wash.  It is now Tuesday, and I washed my hair on Sunday, and it's still super soft without a tangle in sight!

Following this conditioner, I used a  Herbal Essences Leave-In Conditoner called None of Your Frizziness Smoothing Creme (hair forums rave about the long-term relationship one, but I prefer this one after trying both...the Long Term Relationship scent is kind of harsh). This creme eliminated frizz as promised and softened my already soft hair. I always thought that Herbal Essences products were only for "white people's hair" (whatever that is), but I'm so glad I tried it. I love love love my new staple products!


textures smextures

Wow! I haven't written in a while, and I apologize.  Now that I'm back, I need to
share with you guys some of the stuff that have been on my mind. While looking on other blogs and fotkis about transitioning, I've noticed that there is a common complaint among them: the two different textures are so hard to deal with! Maybe it's just me, but they're really not that hard to deal with.  As long as you keep your new growth soft by moisturizing and conditioning, you're good.  Avoiding your new growth is not going to aid your growth or management at all. For me, conditioning is a main part of my regimen. I condition every Sunday religiously. I deep condition rarely because I have yet to find one that my hair likes, and I apply a leave in condition daily.  This is really the key to keeping your new growth mangeable, otherwise, your hair is going to be coarse, hard, and you're going to want to relax it to make it more "manageable" which defeats the purpose of growing out your hair in the first place.

As of now, I'm still LOVING my curls.  When I wash my hair, I spend so much time playing in it that by the time I'm ready to style it it's dry! In order to keep my hands out of my hair, I'm thinking about getting kinky twists put in... stay tuned!!
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