Hi guys, my name is shamika and I am a 20 year old black woman of Jamaican heritage. Since last year, I've been contemplating going natural, but I was always talked out of it. Now,  I have grown completely tired of relaxed hair and I really do not enjoy wearing my hair bone straight. I've always been the type to get tired of my hair and want to do something different with it. I've done weaves, wrinses, cuts, but my favorite thing to do is wash it and let it air dry curly which is what let me to my decision to go natural. I've noticed that when my hair is relaxed, it hardly grows, but when I do my wash and air dry, it grows significantly and is overall healthier and thicker. My new growth is between a 3a and 3c texture and is very beautiful. I really love my curls and am very interested to see how far it can progress. This is why I am taking the BSL [bra strap length] challenge which will hopefully lead to WL [waist length] hair in the long run. My goal is to reach damn near close to BSL if not BSL itself by my college graduation next year May 18th!!! I am beginning this mission with braids and I already see growth. I got the braids on May 8th and they have, as of today, already grown about 3/4 of an inch in just two weeks and that is from using the method in this link: http://www.growafrohairlong.com/braidreg.html. What I do is wash my braids every week with BSX spray shampoo and alternate daily between braid spray and infusium 23 repairology. It really works! In approximately 2 months, I am going to take the braids out and start a new regimen, which hardly varies from the braid regimen, using deep conditioning weekly and wet buns. Ultimately, I am promoting healthy hair and growth for all black women. I will try my best to post pictures of my progress starting right after I take the braids out and continuing probably every 3 months. Wish me luck!
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