I'm Back =D

It has been a while since i've posted. I've been really focused on school (20 credits) with midterms, papers, and finals and haven't been able to update. But i'm back! =D

This winter has been HARD on my fro. Ironically, I've been doing more wash and go's since my curls have been coming in beautifully. I've noticed, however, that eyelash sized pieces (and some bigger) have been breaking off and i'm not too pleased with that. Now, i'm on a journey to keep my ends. I'm going to trim my ends once i get some clippers and then we'll see where it goes from there.

While i was gone, I turned 21! I wore my signature style: a puff in the back and my mini bang fro thingy in the front. I did a wash the night before and a twist out the day of.

I'm still using my concoction of shea butter and coconut oil. It provides great moisture and I haven't really been using it as often as i should, but I noticed that once I started up again, my hair thanked me. This whole maintenance thing is new too me, but i've realized that this is all a work in progress and I'm willing to do this work.

This winter break, I put my hair in mini twists for a week and then wen I was going out, I untwisted it for a mean twist out. It was looking quite sexy if I do say so myself ;)

So far, in spite of this terrible winter, my fro has been flourishing. The bottom line is that I love my hair. I love the curls, I love the maintenance, and I love the outcome. I'm taking this journey all the way.  Length check coming soon....stay tuned!!
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