So apparently, my hair thought it would be fun to just not listen at all today. SOOOO NOT COOL!!! As I've told you guys, Bantu knots have become my nightly routine to achieve the fro-ish curl look I've grown to love on this journey; so last night (like every night) I knotted my hair to prepare for luscious curls this morning. Little did I know, my hair took it upon itself to just not curl AT ALL!!!! Right now, I am under the dryer with my rewetted knots hoping that they curl :'(. Ugh!!!!! The one day that I actually have to go out, my hair decides to misbehave! Good thing I had time to deal with it this morning. This better knot (pun intended) happen again.
Note to my hair: It would be in your best interest to take heed to this warning! I'm soooo NOT kidding!! -_-

Stay tuned!!!!!

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