Lack of Support--hurdle #1

I said earlier that this weekend was going to be my BC wknd. and it really was, i swear! However, due to the huge absence of support, I had nobody to cut my hair for me and for fear that I would cut part of the natural hair, I did not cut it myself. Right now, I'm feeling so defeated. I'm determined to do this, but no one will help me. It's such a spirit killer for me, but i refuse to give up. I'm seriously thinking about going to a salon and letting them cut it for me, but costs and technique are very important and will probably defer my BC even more.

this is the amount that I cut off of the very front of my hair, then I got lazy -_-
You know what gets me really upset though?...when my mother tells me to just perm it because I don't have the face for short hair and i'm going to look ugly or whatever. I get so angry and then even more depressed because I can't really exert my anger. This just shows me how much support I don't have and that I'm really in this by myself over here. It's heartbreaking and sad, but I'm not going to let it kill me.  I'm determined to continue this journey.  It makes me think of other women who have made the decision to go natural, and gave up because there was nobody there for them. I wish I knew what to do, but right now, I'm feeling their pain. I have no urge to perm my hair though. I'm curious to see a new side of my beauty. Stay tuned. :)

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