When did Chemical Burns Become the Norm?

I remember getting touch ups every month and almost every single time, it resulted in a burn and i just blew it off deeming it ordinary. But think about it, if you stay out in the sun too long and get burned, you learn to put on sun block or just not stay in the sun too long; if you spill a chemical on your skin resulting in a burn, you get treatment and learn to be more careful; if your cooking, and you burn yourself on the stove, you learn not to stand too close to the popping oil, or use better heat protection. Why is it that when women get burns in their scalp, they brush it off and continue relaxing their hair? Burns are NOT acceptable!! So why do we accept it??

The last time I had my hair relaxed, it resulted in severe burn in the the entire front right quarter of my scalp along with minor burns on other parts of my scalp. The burns were so sever that I made the decision to NEVER put that crap in my hair ever again! Yet, women who are fully aware that their scalp is sensitive to the chemicals in the relaxer continue to relax their hair and suffer these burns. Is the pain really worth the week (more or less) of "beauty" you get from a fresh touch up? Is it really worth still having sub par hair and a clearly damaged scalp. Think about it!!!

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NaturalNubian said...

These chemicals aren't suppose to be near the skin of any leaving creature, any chemist will tell you that. Everyoone is sensitive to them, some just more so than other. My mother has been getting relaxers since she was 16, and burns within 5-7 minutes. Gor the past two decades, she has learned to speedily apply it herself rather than stop altogether. Because she "needs" it. SMH

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