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Wow! I haven't written in a while, and I apologize.  Now that I'm back, I need to
share with you guys some of the stuff that have been on my mind. While looking on other blogs and fotkis about transitioning, I've noticed that there is a common complaint among them: the two different textures are so hard to deal with! Maybe it's just me, but they're really not that hard to deal with.  As long as you keep your new growth soft by moisturizing and conditioning, you're good.  Avoiding your new growth is not going to aid your growth or management at all. For me, conditioning is a main part of my regimen. I condition every Sunday religiously. I deep condition rarely because I have yet to find one that my hair likes, and I apply a leave in condition daily.  This is really the key to keeping your new growth mangeable, otherwise, your hair is going to be coarse, hard, and you're going to want to relax it to make it more "manageable" which defeats the purpose of growing out your hair in the first place.

As of now, I'm still LOVING my curls.  When I wash my hair, I spend so much time playing in it that by the time I'm ready to style it it's dry! In order to keep my hands out of my hair, I'm thinking about getting kinky twists put in... stay tuned!!


Kim said...

You know what I think that people complain because they are use to seeing their hair relaxed and you really have to change your mindset when you decide to embark on a natural journey. I have my days when it is a struggle with my hair but it has been mostly good and my hair always dries too before I can style it LOL! I thought about getting kinky twist too but I did my own Nubian Twist because they had a more natural look. Loving your blog by the way:-)


shamika said...

thanks for commenting! what exactly are nubian twists? from pictures, they look similar to kinky twists.

NaturalNubian said...

I agree with Kim. I'm a 4b and managability of the 2 textures really has to do with what you're trying to achieve. If you're trying to make kinky hair look as straight as possible (with or without heat) and you fail, then of course you're gonna blame your hair. Most women need to just wrap themselves around and embrace/nurture their natural hair and its a breeze, and a growing experience in more ways than one.

shamika said...

yea, it definitely depends on the mindset natural nubian. when you decide to go natural you have to decide to deal with your hair through all of its kinks and unstraightness. that's probably why its easy for me, i am in love with my curls. i'm so toying with the BC right now, but i rly want to wait until December so it can have all the meaning I want it to. i might trim/cut soon tho, we'll see!

The Natural Fashionista said...

They are very similar to kinky twist, except you use special hair that does not have to be dipped in water or curled--it will stay on its own and they look more natural, you can take a look at my blog I did a post about them.


nappy headed black girl said...

I completely agree...The key to handling the demarcation line is patience and moisture.

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