BC postponed--NEW DATE!

So guys, I told you guys that I was going to do my BC last weekend. However, I came to a huge ROAD BLOCK when I realized that there was no one to do the cut for me :(.  and i couldn't do it myself because i have THREE INCHES of new growth so, it needs to be cut properly. That's the bad news...

I do have good news though....=D
This thanksgiving, we're having a huge shindig at my house (in Jersey) with all my aunts and cousins coming down from Florida. Two of these cousins happen to be married to hairdressers, who happen to do natural hair, and who are coming to MY house. Meaning, that the BC is set for the ending of November and not only will it be done, but it will be done right! I'm so excited!!!

Until then, the beanies are back! Last winter/fall, I bought a deep turquoise beanie and it was fab! I didn do my hair until the front was jacked up -_-. Now, since the front of my hair is natural, I can so rock it all winter!!! *drumroll please* Fab protective hairstyle+ beanie = warm head AND healthy hair AND therfore healthy new growth. I'm actually wearing one right now, but I'm in class (shhhh....) so I can't take a picture. I'll take a picture and upload it later =D.

 I've been away for a while, but I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 =D Look for new posts on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays....
i love you guys for supporting me
<3 stay tuned!!!!!

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