Mini Big Chop revealed

So I have lots to tell you guys! Since my last post, I mini chopped and finally BIG CHOPPED!!
This is a picture of my mini chop:
after i cut it, i twisted it
3 inches!!!
trying on my sweatshirt for Friday's game with my mini chop. what you see is all i cut lol.

So, like I told you guys before, I did a little test chop a couple of weeks ago on a tiny section in the front of my head. On Monday evening, curious me wanted to see how I'd look if I chopped off the entire front portion of my hair (the relaxed ends).  And I thought it looked fab and I could sooo work it with my beanie....and I did....until (in the words of Alice from Alice in Wonderland) I got curiouser and curiouser! On Wednesday night, I put in coils:

They looked fabulous with my beanie and so Lauryn Hill-esque
Then, I figured: (1) it's my hair and I can do with it what I please (2) it's not like I'm altering my face or skin color, I'm only cutting my hair so how different could I possibly look (3) I cut the front portion, how hard could the rest of my head be?! and I chopped!!!!

Continued in the next post...

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