Mini Big Chop

Just thought I'd tease you guys... i did a mini big chop with the middle of my hair that I had in the poof today. I love it, its soo cute. Mind you,. I had no qualms in chopping off a huge portion of hair, but I did get lazy -_- otherwise, it would have probably turned into a complete big chop. Pictures soon. Sooner if I get some comments...nobody's been showing me any love on my blog lately :(


Lynn said...

Hey I'm new here but I think you will do your BC when you know the time is right. I did mine in January and it's been said time and time again but i'll say it again "My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!" So. True. Show pics either way though girl! :o)

My best, Lynn

shamika said...

thank you so much for commenting. but yea... i chopped the entire front of my hair last night. the only reason why i didn chop more was because i want someone else to do it lol. i really want to get rid of these relaxed ends "rolls eyes" they're soooo boring!

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