BIG CHOP...for real this time

Thursday night. October 7th, I BIG CHOPPED!!! I think i had a little too much time on my hands to look at pictures of young curlies on natural sunshine and curly nikki's blog. I came across this one girl who had the same length of hair as I had new growth and her hair was beautiful.Truly inspirational.  Completely unplanned and without apprehension, I came home, grabbed the sharpest scissors I could find along with my spray bottle and started chopping away. By 10:30-ish, i was completely natural!! Lemme tell you! It felt so nice. i had no connection to my permed ends, I didn't even take a before picture or measure it. It just felt like I was taking out a weave or braids... It felt like i was morphing into a new kind of beauty... a rebirth.

Meet Renee:
side view of Renee ;)
Renee is what I've decided to name my hair lol...odd? of course, but that's okay because I'm odd! lol.But peep the significance. Renee, in French means "re-birth" which is fitting because this natural hair is a re-birth of me. It symbolizes the shedding of my old sense of beauty and the birth of a new sense of beauty. My redefinition. Now, some of you who might not remember my old posts about why I embarked on this journey to natural hair can reflect on my first posts. If you do remember, you'll see why this name is perfect for my hair. Also, to add to the significance, Renee is also my middle name. So one could could infer that this re-birth is, in fact, me coming into the person who I truly aspire to be. A woman who is completely aware of herself, knows what she wants, and will fight to get it regardless of what haters think. Renee is just the beginning of my path to independence.

RU football game against UConn..pay no attention to his face lol.


The Natural Fashionista said...

I love it! It is going on 8 months for me and I really want to do it. I am fighting with two textures and I am tired of wearing half wigs. Congrats!

shamika said...

Do it! it's such a freeing experience once you realize that the next wash session you can actually see your curls and play with em. think about what exactly is holding you back and whether or not it's valid (to you). and think about whether or not you really wanna wet set your hair again tonight lol. I did it in my 6th-7th...ish month (last relaxer was March 2010) and the plan was the 9 months. Girl, when your hair is ready, it'll tell you by just not behaving anymore!

Kham said...

Congrats!! It is soooo freeing to see nothing but the hair God blessed you with on your head and know that your hair will grow into one fierce fro! Hope you enjoying naturalness!!

and I was watching that RU/UConn game the other night too, even lost a bet on it lol :)

shamika said...

shoulda placed your bet on RU lol. and thx! I feel great! I love my natural hair!

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