back to reality

After some thinking, I 've come to the realization that BSL is not realistic for May 2011 simply for the reason that my current length is (NL) neck length and my (NG) new growth is only about 2-3 inches off of my head. For this reason I have decided that my new May 2011 goal is most likely gonna be damn near close to (APL) arm pit length. Today I decided that I'm gonna do my BC (big chop) in December, my birth month! I will be turning 21 and I want to start my twenty-first year completely curly since I've always admired curly hair. So, this year around December 10 (probably the weekend before) I am going to a nappy salon and getting my hopefully 6 inches of naturally curly hair styled gorgeously!! I am kind of excited...wish me luck!!

As for my two-strand flat twist, they came out a hott mess! I had to go out in the morning, so I turned them into a updo and kept it moving, when I came back I did my twist n curl in the back and two-strand flat twisted the front and it came out nice. Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures before it messed up :T....maybe next time!

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