My nails are breaking my hair!!!

Okay, so I've said before that my relaxed ends are snapping off and I didn't care because I was trying to get rid of them anyway, but now it's annoying!!! It's especially annoying when a strand gets stuck in a pin or in another strand and snaps, but worst of all when my it gets stuck in a snagged nail and snaps! Its detrimental for both my hair and my nails, so I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to wear my nails low like a boy. The Mane and chic blog suggests wearing gloves for this reason, but I hate gloves lol. I really don't like wearing them. In the winter time, I wear fingerless gloves which would defeat the purpose in this case :-/. So, my solution is going to be to cut my nails down really low. I've been told that I have really long nail beds so it won't look too boyish, but my hair will be safe (hopefully).


Ludny said...

hey Shamika, its Ludny...love the blog by the way...you go girl!

i wanted to comment on this because the very same thing was happening to me..and this is why I did the BC. I think cutting your nails down lower may help, but they most likely will still break. I didnt read through the rest of blog yet to see how long you have been transitioning..but i feel you on the breakage...so annoying.

Ludny said...
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shamika said...

yes, most definitely! my last perm was in march so i guess 3 months. Idk how the count works, but i'm 4 months post-relaxer. I think I found a solution with using an oilier spritz....we'll see! Congrats on your BC tho, it's definitely a big step and a wonderful opportunity to learn alot about yourself and your hair! I feel like going natural is a way of finally becoming the self you were meant to be instead of pretending to have naturally straight hair lol.

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