Hair Accessories!!!!!

Okay, so I finally found headbands!! I found these headbands at H&M for less than $6 before tax! and there's two of them! I was a little too excited when I found this out. Also these headbands are satin-ish so they won't rip out your hair!

 I realized that with my newly found bigger hair, headbands look better on me. I also found that I love bows and flowers kind of overwhelm my hair. Here's my new favorite headband to add to my staple style. Please don't mind the frizz by the braids. Apparently my hair grows faster than the braids can bear to stay fresh. Also, my new growth shrinks alot! I co-washed it on Wednesday so it's actually longer than it looks (i need to actually stretch it when setting it tonight).


Nickki B. said...

I love leopard stuff!!!...very cute!

shamika said...

thanks! me too, i think i have an animal print fetish. before it was zebra, but now its leopard. my satin pillowcase is leopard too =D

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