Bantu Knots

So yesterday was hair washing day and what a marvelous wash it was. I don't know if it was the week's worth of oil in my hair or what, but my hair felt soooooooo soft even before I shampooed it. I'm truly in love with essential oils. After I washed my hair, I was going to have the sides braided again, but I decided against it just to give the sides a break from the stress. Here's a picture of the knots:

I think I made a mistake in twisting it like a corkscrew instead of two strand twisting it because my hair was extremely tangled this morning. I'll do that next time. When I did the knots, I really didn't have a style in mind, I just felt like experimenting. This morning when I took it out, I did a updo style that I found on Curly Nikki's site.  I'm not sure if I love it, but with accessories and some fixing, it might work. This was just a trial run. By the way, I need to tell you guys about castor oil, it's AMAZING!! Stay tuned!

my hair looks soft here

the curls came out pretty good =D
I need to find more pretty hair accessories! <3

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