My Moisture Spritz

I've been reading on other blogs that when doing a wet set, the best thing to use is not the obvious liquid: water. Naturalistas such as Milan and Mae have said int heir blogs/vlogs/ and fotkis that a moisture spritz is the best way to go because water dries out eventually, but oils lock in moisture. Being an experimenter, I decided to try it last night, but since oil and water are infamous enemies, they need an emulsifier (glycerin) to make them compatible.  At that particular moment, however, I didn't have access to any glycerin :( but I remembered that I had a leave-in treatment (Infusium 23). I checked the ingredients and lo and behold! There was glycerin! So here's what I did, I took a little oil mixture I bought at my BSS and poured a little of both in a separate bottle.  Honey, it was so moist and sealing, my hair rejoiced!!! The Infusium 23 is also a detangler, so a detangler that moisturizes is definitely the best of both worlds; I didn't even feel the need to put an extra sealant on the ends. It even felt like my line of demarcation was stronger, but i don't know just yet, we'll see!. I can't wait to see how it looks when I finally take them out! Until then I'll continue to spritz! Stay tuned!


NaturalNubian said...

So glad this worked out for you! I actually just use equal parts glycerin and water, or Sta-Sof-Fro and I get great results. I only use oils to seal braids and twists.

shamika said...

i think i'm gonna make my own as soon as this runs out, where do you get your glycerin? since i'm transitioning, i use oils to strengthen my hair when i do my staple style [twist n curl outs]. my hair is soooooo dry and the oils lock in moisture for me. I'm kind of anxious to start making my own concoctions, i will definitely blog about them when i do.

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