Naturals...they're everywhere!...even in the workplace!

Everywhere I look, I see naturals. There're naturals in almost every show I watch, in every store I go to,and  every time I turn around, I see a woman with beautiful natural hair. If this is a fact, then why does the myth that natural women can't find work even exist? That's like saying that Spanish women with hair just as thick as ours (and I kno many) can't work. That that is barbaric and unbelievable to any degree. Many Hispanic women I know are very successful women and they wear their naturally curly hair to their job with no problem.  This rumor needs to stop! It's ridiculous! It's fairly understandable that a woman with a BAA (Big A** Afro) would be seen as unprofessional in an interview because they're hair would be just too wild in appearance, but this should not be an obstacle in the road to naturality. There are tons of amazing styles that natural women can wear that can still look presentable, and if you're using your hair as an excuse why you can't get a job, then you're settling. Explore your hair! Natural women are literally everywhere. Yes, people will confront you and ask questions, but that happened to me when I was relaxed. The black woman's hair regimen is a mystery to most people, it's our job to inform others and relieve them of their ignorance. Embrace your natural hair responsibly.

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