Trim, Trim, Trim

I finally trimmed those gross ends of mine (maybe about 2 inches in some places). Trichologist, Lisa Akbari, stated that when transitioning, one must cut off all dead ends because the dryness of the ends can damage the rest of the strand. So, in order to promote growth, I finally got rid of my ends. I haven't noticed any drastic change (except the difficulty in sealing ends while twisting) since I just got it done on Sunday, but I hope this will make my hair less brittle in the future.

As for my moisturizing spritz, it is still treating me very well, my hair feels softer than ever! I can easily see my obsession with oils flourishing. I have yet to get the glycerin, but I will have to soon, my spritz is almost done! :(

What do you do to keep your hair moisturized?


Anonymous said...

Agua, Agua, Agua! Its like the easiest thing and the cheapest. You can add whatever you want to it, and it will ALL be beneficial. Also Shea Butter, and I recently discovered Almond Oil! Its a natural moisturizer and smells sooo good! Try it out! :)

shamika said...

Yea, your right. I noticed that my hair loves water. i haven't tried shea butter yet, bit I have a boat load of oils here, i'll be sure to add almond oil to my arsenal =D

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