Natural Women Before and After

I don't know if it's just me, but I've noticed that women often look better when they're hair is natural than when it is relaxed. Sometimes, they even look like completely different people. Relaxed hair is such a norm that we often think our hair is supposed to be straight, but looking at these pictures made me want to go natural even more. It's like before, these women looked like they fit in, of course, conforming to social norms, but after, when these women were completely natural, they were really themselves. A lot of women have no idea how their natural hair looks. They have no idea how it curls or how beautiful it is when their hair is relaxed, but when they finally go natural its like they have a hairpiphany (yea i said it...i'm an English major so i can make up words lol) and you can see it in their face and in their style. It's like they're no longer forced to conform; that's what I mean when I say they finally become themselves. I can't wait to become myself =D

Here's some links to before and after pictures:
more coming soon....i might even make this a new page =D


beautifulms said...

I totally agree with you, not the relaxed hair doesn't look nice... But like my mum says "they look like themself" how they were supposed be beautiful and unique!

Btw, lovin the Diana Ross music...

shamika said...

Yes! thank you!! Originally i just had India Arie on there, but afterwards, I decided that I wanted to put an entire playlist of inspiring songs that just talk about being yourself. Thanks for checking out my blog!!

Angel said...

You are so right I think its beucause when you drop the relaxer, wigs and weaves you finally become yourself thus more beautiful. Yeah I loved those photos

shamika said...

Yes so true. One of the main reasons black women start getting perms is because they are uneducated on how to manage their hair. I am learning so much during this transitioning progress. btw I love your hair!!

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